Just promoted!

  1. Good morning everyone. I just got offered a promotion to a PRN nursing supervisor at my nursing home. I've been a manager at a previous job (ISP Tech Support). Other then supervising CNA's, I don't have any experience being a manager in a healthcare setting. I've been licensed as an LPN for 3 years, and I feel pretty confident in my role as a nurse. I was just hoping to get any advice from some people who have been doing the job.

    Any words of wisdom for a new nurse supervisor?

    Thanks in advanced
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  3. by   Ahhphoey
    Congratulations on the promotion. I just began working as a nursing supervisor about 4 months ago at a 250 bed hospital. I have worked in LTC before as well, but as a staff LPN. My best advice is listen, think, then act in every situation. I'm new to this role as well as relatively young, so I did and still am proving myself, but fortunately, have had a positive experience so far. I don't know everything and am the first person to admit this and ask others for help when needed. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to make decisions because I want to make sure it is the best for the patient and not just the staff. This is a rewarding job, despite the occasional stress, but I have yet to regret making this move. Your confidence will go a long way. Good luck.
  4. by   Havin' A Party!

    Just a few tips to get the ball rolling:

    Treat everyone well.

    Show them you're a positive person.

    Make no significant changes till you're more familiar with the facility.

    Good luck!