Interview a Nurse Manager

  1. Hello,
    I am a student in an online RN-BSN program. My current course is leadership & management. I have an assignment this week to interview a nurse manager regarding budgeting. The questions are as follows:
    1. How many FTE's do you have on your unit?
    2. What is your annual budget?
    3. How would you rate (on scale of 1-10)the degree of difficulty in preparing a budget for your unit?
    4. How did you learn to budget?
    5. When you submit your budget does someone in administration meet with you to discuss it?
    6. If not, what happens to your unit after you have submitted the budget and it is reviewed?
    7. Do you believe your budget is adequate to provide safe and quality nursing care?
    8. What strategies did you use to have your budget accepted?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I can complete this in any forum that is good for you the participant, email, Skype, or right here.

    Thank you
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