How to encourage certification among staff?

  1. I work at a magnet facility and one of the goals is to increase certification. The incentives to certify are to move up in the clinical ladder but if you're not looking to do this (put in the portfolio and jump through the hoops), there seems to be little motivation. We do reimburse the cost of the test and I bought prep books for staff who were interested. I have a few who "want to study" but there's a lack of motivation there. Not that I think the certification is the "end all and be all"...

    Any thoughts?
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  3. by   kayern
    First and foremost........ARE YOU CERTIFIED? If not I suggest you get certified ASAP.
    When I became a Nurse Manager, one of my goals was to become certified. I successfully sat for the ANCC Nurse Executive exam within the six months and the AMSN Med/Surg certification within nine months. Yes two certifications during my first year.
    I'm a firm believer of managing by example. Once I had the Med/Surg certification I was comfortable campaigning for certification of my staff. I have the highest number of certified nurses on a Med/Surg unit and the number is growing.
    Encourage them, remind them what GREAT nurses they are, pump them up. Find resources for them, books, seminars, review courses, etc. My institution is also Magnet and is very generous with resources/ Our Medical Library has all the review books and DVDs of the review courses.
    Good Luck
  4. by   caliotter3
    The facility can also offer a one time bonus or, if possible, a small increase in pay rate, to those who comply. For more money per hour, I would quickly get the certification, but that is me.
  5. by   stephva1008
    Yes I am certified.

    I was thinking of offering a gift card to the restaurant of their choice if they pass. We do reimburse the cost of the test.

    Thanks for your feedback!
  6. by   stephva1008
    I was looking at the Nurse Executive certification as well. I need another year of full-time work as a nurse manager before I am eligible to sit for it. You need 2 years full time experience...
  7. by   llg
    I believe there should be a differential (small, but real) for people who are certified. That is the route my hospital is considering.

    The differential will serve as a statement that the credential is valued -- and provide some cash to help people maintain their certification. If they take advantage of the hospital-provided CEU's, they don't have to spend money on CEU's and can pocket their extra income.

    Certification can also be written into job descriptions so that people hoping for career advancement, transfers, etc. will be motivated to get certified. Public recognition of certified nurses can also be helpful (during Nurses's Week, etc.).
    Show me the money, there should be a pay increase.. A pat on the back and a ata boy does not cut it...