Holiday Schedule - page 2

I am new to scheduling staff. How do you schedule holidays. I am looking for a fair way. Please advice!:bugeyes:... Read More

  1. by   slevy
    Love the idea of rotating holidays. Works with eves and nocs doing the eve of the holiday and the holiday BUT what do you do with 12 day shifts? Any thoughts??? Thanks
  2. by   brimama
    I put up the sign up sheet for the holiday 2 months in advance. If you worked it last year you can be off this year, If you want to split a shift that if fine.
  3. by   OncallRN
    most places I've worked put up the sign-up for holidays just after the new year, this let people sign up for what they want and then the scheduler make sure it all works
  4. by   bethster29
    I am desperate need of the specifics of the holiday scheduling. Is there any way you can email me? thanks, Beth