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  1. Hi guys ...

    Just I have inquiry about duty plan "roster". I know that there are systems for such thing. In our hospital we use the block system to plan the duty. The system goes like this.... 7nights, 7 night-offs, 3-4 afternoons, 2 offs, 5 mornings, 2 offs.
    Any other systems???
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  3. by   Janet Barclay
    Hi Salmi,
    There are many , many ways to work out shifts. It depends on what the staff nurses want to work. We have a variation os 2 on 2 off three on 2 off. We have also developed four distinct rotations to try and please folks (as if that'll ever happen). These are 12 hour shift rotations, by the way.
  4. by   salmi
    hi Janet ....
    I think you guys used such systems in the olden days.I know that in Canada they pay according to the working hours. In my country we get paid monthly. The hospitals are mostly government owned.
    I think in USA and Canada the nurse can decide what duty she/he can work or how long it should be, but isn't there shortage of staff? how can you people manage the duty plan?!
  5. by   fergus51
    Here in Canada we don't get to pick our shifts!!! I wish we did! Regular staff at my hospital work 2 (7-19) days 2 nights (19-7) then have 3 0r 4 days off (these are 12 hour shifts). Casual workers however can be choosier and only accept what they want.

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