Conflict between staff

  1. I work in a 20 bed NICU. Our supervisor recently resigned because family reasons, but come to find out a group of girls have kind of taken control in the NICU and go above her head if they don't like the answer that whe gave them. She has been gone 2 weeks and these 4 girls have taken over many of the responsiblities of the Supervisor. It has been a living HELL in the unit. They are doing the schedule and causing conflict amongst staff. They, of course, are blaming the last Supervisor on some of these decisions. These women also don't like to work very hard when they are at work. In the last 2 weeks I have had many run ins with them. Sent 2 emails to the Manager of the floor, who is suppose to be running the show somewhat, but she has the whole floor, 3 departments. I have met with her twice and she is basicly backing thesse women. I need to be more assertive and speak my mind to them and tell them to stop. At what point do they get in trouble, when should she get involved and speak to them? Why do I have to do her job? We are loosing staff weekly because of them and their decisions. When does the Manager put a stop to it? Any suggestions on how I can approach these women? HELP!!!!
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  3. by   Merlyn
    Chain of command. If you feel that the manage is putting the floor in jeopardy and you spoke to her about it, go to the next level. Talk to he Manage one more time. But this time mention that you will be going up the chain of command. If that does not move her into action then go over her head. Now the reason that "the four girls are taking over" is because they can.
    IMO the whole thing did not start overnight. It started with little things. If the rest of the staff is dissatisfied with the way things are going get all of them together and go to the manager in a group. As with the four that have taken over. In unity there is strength
  4. by   Amanda.RN
    I'm with Merlyn 100%... Excellent recommendations.