CNML Certification

  1. I am currently studying for the ANCC CNML certification. Does anyone have any advice on the best focus for this exam... I have several study guides... The one I have focused on is by Nurse Builders...

    Do you have any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance....
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  3. by   ja77501
    I see that your question was written April 20 so Havre you taken the exam? I took it just after completing the online courses. I found the exam to cover very little of the course content. I was able to answer most of the questions by relating them to real life scenarios. I was the 85th person in the US to take it. Passed it and was ever so glad to be able to report back to my then CNO, who had challenged me to do so. I wish you well. It's good to know also that some execs now know what CNML represents. For the first four years they would look at my credentials and say "what's that?"
  4. by   FlorinRN
    Hello Ja, would you be able to share the site for the online course with us? Appreciated!!!