Clinical Director and hating it. . .

  1. I took this position quite frankly because I was asked to and felt flattered on some level. Since taking the job my Divisional Director has left and while she was there she didn't teach me much so I am a bit overwhelmed at times. From about 2-3 weeks in I didn't like this job an kept trying to give it time before I made any rash decisions. Well now it's been 4 months and I dread going to work everyday and have been a bit depressed. The reason I don't just quit it because my divisional just left and I feel an obligation to stay.

    I have been contemplating telling my new divisional that I am unhappy and that I can hang on for a few months but really I would like to go back to the floor where I enjoyed my job and was good at it! Would you tell your new manager or just keep your mouth shut and when an opportunity opens up just take it.

    by the way . . . some of the staff members constantly ask me if I'm leaving too and tell me I'm doing a good job. Which makes it harder to walk away.
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  3. by   I<3H2O
    First, you should decide WHY you hate it. If it is because you are not providing patient care and that is your desire then no amount of time will heal that. If it is because you do not understand the job or because you do not feel like a leader or something like that, then ask for leadership classes or ask to go train with another clinical director (provided your have others near you). Perhaps you could be paired up with a "buddy" and s/he could assist you. I would definitely tell my new divisional that I was unhappy. S/he cannot help you be happy if they do not know you aren't already. Perhaps making a "pros/cons" list will be helpful to you. It stinks being in a position you dislike. :/
  4. by   JuliaRNMSN
    There is always the political feature of a problem like this. For example, will you divisional relationship be negatively impacted. In trying to solve this problem, who's interests are being served by your staying or going back to the unit? If your divisional gives advice, is it in yours or who's best interest? It is easy to say like it is from where I sit. I'm not in your position and context. I think you have given the position a timely trial. I also believe that being fulfilled in your work is important.
    If you talk to your divisional, he/she may ask how it can be better for you to stay in your current position. Be prepared to explain what would improve your role. Sometimes new roles are very murky making it very difficult to communicate specifics. May be there can be changes made to help make the position workable for you. May be not. If you stay in it under conditions that changes are made to help you succeed, be sure to follow up by evaluating their effects. More changes may need to be negotiated ongoing.