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  1. Hello! Does any one have a call light policy and procedure they would be willing to share with me? We are looking at creating one at our hospital. If you do please reply back--i can then email you my fax or email. I would really appreciate any input any of you may have.

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    The last facility I worked at we had all staff sign a contract regarding call lights, that answering them was EVERYBODY's job. We discussed with staff that even if you couldn't do whatever the patient wanted, you would be able to get the person who could and would have answered the call timely. It is great for customer service and response time for needs and even for safety alarms. This was one policy that I truly agreed with. I think that everyone can answer a light and let the patients know that everyone is concerned with their well-being and meeting their needs. :redpinkhe
    The contract simply states : ( the best I can remember)
    I _____persons name________ an employee of __________understand that is it is my responsibility to answer any call light for any paitent. Although I may not be able to immediately meet the request of the patient, I will be able to find the appropriate assistance/staff person who can and the needs of all patients will be met in a timely manner. Call lights are EVERYBODY's job and every patient is EVERYBODY's concern for their comfort and well-being.

    Then they sign it and date it and the manager signs also and it goes in their personnel file....
    Hope this helps...
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