AssistantNurseManager or QualityConsultant

  1. Greetings nurses!
    I would like to ask our input regarding my scenario.

    -I recently finished my MSN in admin
    - I have 8 yrs of rn experience (critical care & 2 yrs in mngmnt)
    -im in my late 20's single and no kids.
    -I have been applying for management position and recently offered an assistant nurse manager position in a medsurg unit and quality nurse consultant in a hospital (I currently work as a staff critical care within this organization- I love working for this institution which is the biggest healthcare in California).
    -I have a minimal experience for both position (2 years).

    Problem: I trying to decide which position will I choose

    Your input an opinion is highly appreciated =)
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  4. by   Libby1987
    Your poll doesn't work for me.

    The quality position will be better hours and less stress (in my opinion). There will be stress no doubt as all positions have productivity expectations but of a different type. Whether you will have an impact on policy or be confined to generating reports and teaching what's scripted for you would affect my decision.

    The asst nurse manager will have little power being stuck between staff and admin and you will have dissatisfied staff. If you are strong and relish that kind of challenge between staff satisfaction and the realities of today's healthcare climate with aspirations to get to a level where you have impact on policy, then this could be a good place to start. You will have to have perseverance.

    I like to make things happen and am always drawn to the positions where I can have and see impact.