Anyone preparing for the CNML?

  1. I'm starting to prepare to take the CNML test at the end of September. Anyone taken it yet? Anyone have any good study tips? They have a very extensive reading list on the certification website. The reading list alone could take a year. It would be nice if a study guide was available. Anyone want to set up a study group?
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  3. by   kayern
    I've taken the Nurse Executive certification from ANCC. ANCC offered a two day seminar which I found very helpful. Good Luck.
  4. by   EastCoastLA
    I passed the CNML. It was a very hard test. 50% pass rate versus the CCRN which is about 65%.
    Key points:
    Time factor- You have to pace yourself. Only 2 hours for 110 questions.
    Point of view of a Manager-All the questions should be answered in the context of a nurse manager.
    Test tacking strategies-Answer all questions even if you have to guess. Remove destractors and pick your best guess. Mark it to return if you have time towards the end.
    Practice your math-A few math questions and since you can't use calculators you have to remember you elementary long division and multiplication. Practice, practice, practice. I had 3 long math questions
    email me if you have more questions.
  5. by   FlorinRN
    Hello EastCoast! Congratulations on passing the CNML. Any guidance on what to read and studying material? Thank you!

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