Anyone familiar with the "One-Staff" staffing program??

  1. I posted this over in Gen Nursing Forum, but thought you guys may be more familiar with this..any takers??
    We are TRYING to implement the one staff program into our hospital. It is a nightmare. Firstly, I feel we have been poorly trained, but this is not the only problem I see. We are expecting each unit to be responsible for making sure the information is correct in one staff, each shift. We are also having problems matching the figures to our old paper system. We are kinda in a rush to get this right b/c JCAHO comes this year and we need to have a full grasp on it by then. Currently, we have ONE..yes, one person responsible for monitoring this system for the whole hospital (1500+ nurses). So, the duty of making sure info is correct is left to the individual charge nurses. We are having major problems when staff is pulled or last minute changes are made in schedules. There is only one other hospital in our area using this and they actually have a staff of several people dedicated to this alone. However, they employ about five times the number of nurses we employ. Is there anyone out there that has gone through this whole process and can enlighten me or give any tips??

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   ksmith1963
    It doesn't look like you had an answer from this forum. You could try posting this on the nursing informatics part of this list serve. In the meantime, the project manager from your hospital should discuss the difficulties of use with the One Staff team to get additional help in using the software. The One Staff product should have a users group that could answer some of your specific questions and discuss ways of using the software. Have you tried any of the above?
    Good luck
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    We just started using one staff with in the past couple months. It has been a nightmare in the beginning getting all of the information entered in correctly. Our trainer did not receive great reviews on what she offered in training. We have our staffing office oversee the function of one staff. As managers we are responsible for maintaing the employee information, i.e. ACLS, BLS, phone numbers etc. We also have to enter all the information in on new employees. We fill out the schedule, then our staffing coordinators will add staff who sign up extra. Once when you figure it all out it really is a good program. I can pull call out logs, extra shifts, expirations on BLS, ACLS, position cotrol reports etc. It really saves time in the long run. Hang in there.