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    I am a staff RN in a CCU who is working on an MSN in Nurse Leadership. I plan to go into management one day, and would like your opinions on how long I should be a bedside nurse before taking the leap. I had an interview (for school) with the CNO today, and she said that it would really be more when I felt ready than an actual set time period. I have been a nurse since June 2004, and have worked in several different units. I told the CNO that I would like to start on a tele/stepdown unit and then one day manage an ICU. There is actually an opening now for a nurse manager on the tele/cardio stepdown unit at my facility, and the CNO told me I should talk to my manager to explore what he thinks my strengths are, etc. and if he thinks I may be ready sometime sooner than I thought.

    Do you have any suggestions for how long I need to work in the ICU before going into management? Any advice is welcome.

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  3. by   JoycMarr
    It's very hard to say without knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are. How long have you been in the CCU? I have you functioned in a charge position before?