2007 Meetings/Conferences

  1. If anyone has any suggestions on a great conference or meeting in 2007 please let me know. I've been granted the opportunity to start looking into this and want to take advantage of this great opportunity. I am in OR Leadership/Administration but really enjoy conferences related to staff interaction/retention/recruitment plus my own job growth and personal development. Any comments or things you know of please let me know.

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  3. by   wtxcchp
    The Nursing Management Congress is a great conference. This year it is being held in Philadelphia. October 14-18th, 2006. It is held annually.

    Last year was my first year to attend. It was great.

    Website: http://www.nmcongress.com

  4. by   ElvisLives
    AORN Congress is without a doubt, the best meeting for OR leadership. :spin: