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Hi all! I’m new to posting on the boards but have been reading for years. Sorry if I ramble or this gets drawn out super long!


I currently work on units with adults with ranging illnesses, from Mental Health to Chemical Dependency to Dual Diagnosis  

Every afternoon I lead a nursing group involving a wide range of topics-medication adherence, hygiene, coping skills, etc. We currently have a binder of topics that rotate weekly (week 1 & 3 and weeks 2&4 are repeated). The patients usually lose their interest in minutes, and honestly a lot of the info is geared towards younger people, ex-why it’s important to brush your teeth and shower regularly. It’s just not a good fit for my patient population. 

Anyway, the point is that I’ve been asking the clinical director to change these up for about 2 years ago and nothings getting done! I was wondering if anyone knows of or has used a book with ideas. Ideally I like handouts, worksheets or having the patients participate instead of just reading about “why it’s important to wear clean underwear,” not even kidding about that one! And it’s kind of hard to find internet resources  

This post ended up WAY longer than I intended (sorry)  so if you’ve managed to keep reading, does anyone have any suggestions on books with decent topics/handouts/worksheets? 
Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions!

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I use all the time! Some really good stuff, and time saving.

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This doesn’t really answer your question, and I see you have lots of experience so you might do this already. I work inpatient psych and do groups and luckily there are books in our central station that I use for subjects. But the best thing to happen to our groups was me bringing in my Alexa. We go around the room and each person gets to pick a song and we talk about the subject in between music. I found that it really lightens the mood and encourages people to participate.  We’ve even been up in group and learned how to line dance, LOL.