NURSE KAREN'S NURSING HIGHLIGHT Vol .3: National Gerontological Nursing Association

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NURSE KAREN'S NURSING HIGHLIGHT Vol .3: National Gerontological Nursing Association (NGNA)

This weeks focus is on a nursing association trying to improve the care of the elderly. Those nurses and CNA's in long term care, assisted living, nursing homes, adult med-surg and home health should check out their online journal. Karen

National Gerontological Nursing Association (NGNA)

7794 Grow Drive

Pensacola, FL 32514-7072

Business: 850-473-1174

Fax: 580-484-8762

Contact: Belinda E. Puetz, PhD, RN

Email Address: [email protected]


The National Gerontological Nursing Association (NGNA) seeks to influence the health of older adults by enhancing the professionalism of gerontological nurses.

Our mission is achieved by:

1. Providing a forum in which gerontological nursing issues are

identified and explored;

2. Developing and supporting educational programs for nurses,

health providers, and the general public;

3. Educating and informing the general public on health issues -

particularly those affecting older adults;

4. Supporting innovative approaches in gerontological health care

which will enable nurses, health providers, and the general

public to better meet the needs of America's aging population;

5. Disseminating information and research relating to

gerontological nursing to all interested persons;

6. Enhancing the professionalism of gerontological nurses and

providing a forum for interaction and the exchange of ideas.


Membership includes subscription to Geriatric Nursing Journal.

Active: $75.00/yr (to increase to $90.00 Oct.1,2001)

Associate Member (non-nurses) $75.00/yr

Nursing Assistant(send certificate for verification) $60.00/yr

Student: fulltime undergraduates and Senior member over age 65 --$60.00 /yr


Link to online Geriatric Nursing Journal.


NGNA's Annual Convention : October 19-21, 2001, Denver, CO.

Coming of Age:Healthcare Perspectives for the new Healthcare Majority

Able to earn up to 25.2 Contact hours.

Full convention rate $349.00. Also able to attend fullday workshops for $69.00, non members!

Check out the multiple convention topics:

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