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My husband is on H1b visa and i came here to US on h4 visa.Currently doing my pre-reqs for applying ADN in a community college.I am allowed to study on H4 visa without changing my status. I also have EAD(Employment authorisation document) through my husband by filing AOS(adjustment of status).But i haven't used by EAD.Still on H4.

My question is "Do hospitals hire nurses on EAD?".I am about to waitlist my name for nursing program.

Will there be any problem in hiring me after fif graduate.I know it is too early to ask this question but i wanted to know it before i enter into the program.

Please help.Thanks.

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I presume your husband has applied for a immigrant visa hence your EAD?

Not sure if hospitals will hire but I think that is more due to current job situation as EAD gives permission to work