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Nurse Internship: ICU or Cardiac Cath


Specializes in Thoracic/Vascular ICU. Has 2 years experience.


I have currently received internship opportunities in the ICU in one hospital and a Cardiac Cath in another (I am the second ever to receive that opportunity in the hospital's history). I am hoping to get into CRNA as soon as I can. Which unit do you think would be more beneficial in strengthening my resume for grad school and to strengthen my application to get an ICU job as a new grad?


Specializes in NICU. Has 6 years experience.

ICU would be the better choice. Cath Lab hires experienced ICU nurses for open positions. It would be difficult to get a cath lab position as a new grad. CRNA schools require 2 yrs. ICU experience and I am not sure that Cath Lab experience would count.

I've worked both Icu and Cath Lab. Hands down, you should choose the Icu internship. It will give you the most usable experience for your future plans. Cath Lab experience will help you very little in bedside nursing. It's just too specialized for your long term goals. (But if you want to stay a Cath Lab nurse, go for it. It's more of an end goal, not a stepping stone)