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Any nurses here who have gone through Navy ODS? I will be in October and had a few questions.

1. after ODS, I know that I got to navy med 101 for a week in Bethesda. After that, my first duty station will be overseas. When I get my orders, will I have a little time in between to go home? 

2. adding on to my question above, I know I accrue leave while at ODS and NM 101. Can I use that to briefly go home after NM101?

3. anybody here familiar with proceed time? If I'm going overseas for my duty station, do I get any proceed time? I read somewhere that it's 4 days but wasn't sure if it was applicable to me.

4. while at ODS, can I use my cell phone during my down time (evenings or weekends)? 

(reposting since I think I put this post under the wrong category initially)

 thank you!

I would really like to get in touch with you to ask you questions. Please! 


I don't have answers to any of that. I just wanted to know how your application process went from start to finish. 

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