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Nurse Extern/Intership Program VS LNA job

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Hey all -

I am weighing my options at the moment for my Summer plans (Junior going into Senior year of BNS program). Many of my peers, who are not LNAs yet, are applying to Nurse Extern programs at our university hospital. I am, and have been, a practicing LNA since last Summer and am curious about the benefit of an externship versus continued experience as an LNA? These programs seem to me like I would be practicing as an LNA with a nurse preceptor who may or may not (their discretion) allow me to practice more in a nursing-scope.

Would the 14 week extern program look better on a resume for the future when I apply as an RN? Or is it possibly fine to carry on exploring LNA opportunities? - I am looking at the difference of living locally for LNA jobs or commuting farther / apartment searching for the extern.

Honest input and or experience would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

- Emily