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Hope somebody can help me,

I am a international nurse and passed my NCLEX this year. Now I am looking for jobs.

I am wondering if my 4.5 year working experience in a home care setting as a nurse in my home country count in the USA or if I am considerd as a new grad nurse because I did not work as a RN in the USA? (uff long sentence) New grads are having such a hard time to find a job.

Thanks so much for answering

Do you have your license already in hand. As long as you're already in the country and have a valid visa that allows you to work then you can begin your search. Whether they hire you or not is up to them. They might accept your nursing experience in homecare as long as you were a nurse. Your best bet is to start applying and see what response you get. Good Luck


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Thanks for your answer.

I have a J2 visa and I am waiting for my working permit. I am pretty sure I will get it soon and then I will get my real license. I already got a kind of temporary license, which me does not allow to work.

Was just not sure if I have to apply to a new grad position or if I can also apply for 1-2 year experienced nurse position too.

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