The Mockery of Nursing - page 125

Just a bit ago the top three threads involved: 1.I have a DWI. Can I be a nurse? 2.I am stupid. Can I be a nurse? 3.If it takes me five times to pass NCLEX, Can I be nurse. Not much left to... Read More

  1. by   diva rn
    Actually, in honor of the upcoming Triple Crown in horse racing....I am in a betting mood.

    Anyone care to wager how long our "favorite" poster will keep his New Grad nursing postion in the LTAC?

    ........hmmmmmm, I imagine not long...of course, it will only be a short time until he is the manager, or the Chief Nursing Officer....or, oh, heck.....the CEO of the facility!

    after all, when everyone understands how IMPORTANT he is, the door will be kicked in with all of the offers!
  2. by   Aurora77
    Wow, ya'll were busy last night while I was at work. Loved that thread. I've only been a nurse for 9 months and my mind was blown.
  3. by   RanieRN
    Can anyone tell me how long until I'm a crusty old bat? 20 years? 30 years? Because I'm pretty sure I know it all now after 13; such as delegating all personal care to the CNAs.

    I want to be mean and crush the dreams of special snowflakes who are prettier and younger than me and pass the NCLEX after just 5 tries.

    ( I followed some breadcrumbs and couldn't resist )
  4. by   Aurora77
    I'm too new to be a crusty old bat, but I'll take the title of Princess Dreamcrusher anyday. I'm just so glad this thread got going. I thought I was the only one shaking my head, wondering how some people manage to function in life. Maybe I'm odd, but at least I'm not alone.