Self Esteem As A Tool In Nursing

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    A very fantastic and fascinating nurse would perform her role diligently and professionally without bothering her mind. Nothing changes the professional approach to nursing procedures with good interprofessional relationship.

    Self Esteem As A Tool In Nursing

    Self esteem is an ingredient of living a successful life and career, characterized with good interpersonal relationship, self- actualization, and achievemen. It's very important for a nurse to see herself as very dignified as possible in the health team.

    Every nurse is very important and play a vital role in keeping the hospital running. Nursing is holistic which makes it unique from other profession. All the nurse educator should cultivate the habit of creating a good rapport with thier nursing students. This relationship is reflected in the hospital while working. Nothing should undermine self esteem of a nurse. The nurse leader or manager in the hospital should also boost the self esteem of the younger nurses.

    Bullying is a bad attitude common among nurses. This had decrease or lower self esteem of nurses. Even patients bullying the nurse on duty as well professional colleague. In the course of continuous training, adequate emphasis should be made on self esteem actualization.

    Nurses are at the center of care. The lifeline of any health care facility in the world is nurse. The interdependent role in healthcare isn't working perfectly. Every member of the team should accord respect to one another. Role model factor is another burning issues in nursing profession. From time of admission into school of nursing, they should be given self confidence, Self reliance and autonomy to carry out nursing responsibilities.

    Some nurses aren't performing maximally in course of care due to low self esteem. They are afraid of making mistake such that they will not be bully. Mistake can be minimized to its bearest minimum when professional conduct and practise is maintained. Once you are afraid of mistake then you make mistakes.

    Confidence is the frame work of self esteem. This will enhance productivity and promote professionalism during care. Confidence builds self esteem and boost it. With confidence a patient th a rejects a nurse yesterday will try and attend to the patient the following day, this is part of nursing responsibilities not giving preferential treatment to a patient over the other. Every patients has equal right and thus are entitled to equal care and treatment.

    Superior officers and the union should always stand with the nurse. accommodate all sorts of mistakes and redress such mistakes. This acts boost self esteem and self belongings is achieved. One -on -one discussions for adjustment or correction and group discussions for study purpose. This process enhance interpersonal relationship and cordial relationships between superior and inferior officers.

    A young lady just graduated from a school of nursing, applied for speciality in anaesthetic nursing, she did well for entrance exam, she was shorlisted and came for the interview. This young lady is very brilliant and intelligent. The school of anesthesia management advised the lady to step aside for a nurse (General ) that had been practising for more than fifteen years. She felt bad and disappointed. The same year she obtained a form into a medical school and dumped nursing professio. The lady would have been an asset if remained in nursing profession. She is about to complete her program in the medical school. She got demoralised and feel cheated by a superior officer. This act is shameful and promote low self esteem.

    The above illustration should be a guide for all superior nurses to be a good role model and accepts them, train them and mould them. Don't damp thier spirit, don't kill thier interest, these are agents can change the face of nurses for better. self esteem should be encouraged among junior and students nurses. Promote the self belongings and always allow veebalisation. Direct communications should be ensued with good listenings and allow them to be part of decision making.

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