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Hi - I'm a newer grad (May 09) and would like a little bit of feedback. Today a patient's family member wanted me to contact the patient's doctor re: a proposed surgery. So many physicians on the... Read More

  1. by   Ihoplover
    Isyorke - Thanks for your note and I get your point - problem was that the attending was the family doc for this pt and since the pt's family was irate I thought it would be best he knew that they had called the director of the hospital etc.......the surgeon is a stranger to them and I was going to advice attending of situation and mention I'd be calling surgeon if o.k. with him but he didn't let me get that far - unfortunately the surgeon made the man's leg look as if it had been cut with a fork and a knife - very sad situation. Thanks for taking time to reply.
  2. by   jbp0529
    It's kinda like the sterotypical school bully. If you stand up for yourself, most of the time you will be left alone. It's even possible that you will make a new "friend" once the dust settles. I've seen it several times...the doc and nurse get into it, and then the next day they are both laughing about it and have a new mutual respect for each other.

    Some days you just have to put on your big boy/big girl undies, do battle, brush it off, and go home to your loved ones.
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