Nurses eat their young - now I understand why. - page 13

I started working for a sub-acute LTC as the DSD last week. The DON and I hit it off because we have the same vision on what we need to do in order to solve the problems we current have. Early... Read More

  1. by   martymoose
    you know, to put a different spin on things, my management is putting the new grads in positions like charge nurse, etc, and they either sink or swim. Another new grad, well less than 1 yr floor experience- is precepting students at the local college. Why??? Because they are letting her, and no one else is there to do the job. Nothing against new grads, but I am scared because i have seen the management throw them in to situations they shouldn't be thrown into, and make subsequent mistakes. It also goes back to management not caring about nurses, just that they have a warm body to fill the holes.