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You'll have to bare with me as this make take some time, but I feel I have to get it off my chest as I am so angry. This morning I went to work. We have a staff shortage, but this morning, we... Read More

  1. by   moia
    I have real concerns with going to management with what truly is gossip. Unless you can convince the person who told you what happened that morning to go to the supervisor then it is not your place to say anything.
    You have two very large problems and yes I am aware I sound quite cynical but this is the real world we are talking about..your first problem is you have no confirmed witnesses to the comment that she had the work done by 08:30am, the second problem is the only witness and the only reporter of what truly happened is the same person and because they made no effort to report obvious patient neglect when it happened I can guarantee they will not be happy to be included in any meeting about these comments.

    So if you do decide to proceed anyway you could be accused of lying. By going to a senior staff member and accusing another RN of patient neglect and abandonement of duties you could get yourself into a really bad place despite how good your intentions were.

    All the people involved are going to protect their own concerns so don't expect anyone to fall on their sword.

    I would approach the nurse and ask to speak to her privately. I would tell her that it has been your experience that it takes more than 45 minutes to provide thorough assessments and nutrition/skin/oral/toileting care for that many complete care patients and could she please explain what her secrets are in meeting ALL the patients needs in such a short amount of time ? Sometimes there are more ways than one to let someone to know that you are aware they are not doing their job...just by asking this question in the right tone this nurse should get the message she is being watched .

    More importantly I would have a meeting with the unit manager and say bluntly the staffing on that side is unsafe and you want it on the writing...and get a copy of your day something very sad is going to happen and you or one of your coworkers is really going to need that document.
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  2. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    A few patients actually complained to me about it, so I have been to another senior nurse who is more approachable and she is going to bring safety issues up at the next sister's meeting.
  3. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    Do you consider this work overload to be due to National Health? Is the government trying to do things on the cheap, making nurses and patients suffer? Is the situation the same at all hospitals, or are there variations within the system?

    What do patients think of this? Do they complain about getting only hand-washes, not baths? Patients I've had from the U.K. have lower expectations from the health system there, although they are not happy about the service they've received. On the flip side, I work at a hospital that has lots of Asian patients. They expect very little service from nurses, doing the bathing, feeding and other care on their family members. Sometimes when I assist, they look at me like "Why are you meddling?"

    I can see why you're steamed. Nine patients would be almost unheard-of on a quiet med-surg ward here, to say nothing of a neuro unit. My sympathies to you.[/QUOTE]

    Patients get very good care most of the time in the NHS, including "basics" such as good washing and dressing needs. The incident I was talking about is very very rare. It's not perfect, but most are very grateful for it, as the NHS is free for all, not just to those who have insurance. Most patients have a great respect for nurses in this country, and whilst I get frustrated sometimes, I am proud of my job and for whom I work - people.
  4. by   gwenith
    Sounds like you might be actually winning - hang in there mate!! All the best I know that this too will pass - unfortunately it quite often takes the present staff leaving to make the change.

    Tell me do you have Patient/Nurse dependency systems????
  5. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    I had no choice to be "down here" alone this afternoon, due to short staffing, but I think there has been some discussion amongst senior nurses as the nurse in charge is carrying the radio around with her and has assured me that help is available. It is not too busy this pm, so it's ok. Assessment of patient dependency will be assessed daily from now on in neurology to see if more staff are needed.
    We do have patient dependency scores Gwen, but we are short staffed so it really doesn't help the situation anyway.
    I am still looking for another job anyway, even though it is getting better here, as I fancy a change!!
    Thanks for everyone's support. If I don't reply to posts quickly for a week or two, it's because my PC is playing up at the moment.