Nurse Attendant at NYP

U.S.A. New York


I always see nurse attendant positions at NYP and have been thinking of applying because I want to gain some experience. What is it like being a nurse attendant at NYP? 


I was a nursing attendant in the float pool at Columbia Presbyterian. It's really good experience if you're a nursing student. You float to various units that needs staffing, however, you only know which unit you're going to just before you start your shift because you have to pick up your assignment from the nursing office after you clock in. 

You will either be on the floor with the techs or you will be sitting on 1:1s. Part timers do a minimum of 2 shifts a week, but there are many opportunities to pick up extra shifts, especially on nights. You can pick up shifts as a full time NA too. 

it's good experience in that you move around and observe and help nurses and some are very willing and nice when you tell them you're in school. Not every unit is nice though, but for the most part, working there has been a positive experience. The supervisor for NAs is amazing though, so you feel very supported working there. 

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