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Nurse Asst. salaries in North Jersey????

Hi Everyone..

I am starting my pre-req this fall, and was considering working as a nurse asst. while in school. I have currently worked in the "business world" for quite some time and now I am ready to trade in my cubicle life and finish my RN degree. This is a second career for me and I am very nervous about the change, but I am ready, I think...lol

Does anyone have an idea of the salary range for nurse asst. in the north jersey area and what hospitals, if any, will train you or do you need to be certified?

Any ideas/thoughts would be helpful! :specs:

You and I are in the same boat. Trying to change careers and get out of Corp America ASAP. I changed departments (Equities Trader to Actuarial Dept) at my employer thinking the change would be good...but now I want out.

I found NA...salaries ranged from $12 - $15 / hr....if you can find a void to fill.

Thinking about applying to an accelerated program, and if do consider the NA route or not...I will have to supplement my income with Day trading to help make ends meet.

Or I can hope to get laid off and collect unemployment.

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