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Anyone have any info on Nunez LPN program? I am starting there this fall and hope to enter the LPN program in the Spring. If you are currently in the program, finished, or waiting to see like I am then please post!

Hi, what classes will you be taking? Exactly what info do you wanna know?

Anything about their LPN program really, is it good, how are the teachers, do ppl usually find jobs after graduation?? I am taking the math for allied health and the intro A&P class. Hoping to apply in the Spring since I was told they are changing a few things about their admission process. I've finished all my other pre reqs because I was trying to get into an RN program before.

I met the teachers today they all seem pretty cool, I start on the 20th this month. Currently all of their graduates find jobs as I was told. I know that the current admission requirements is that you not be in any science classes the semester prior to which you are applying, but I'm unsure if that's something they are changing. You should call the nursing department directly and speak to XXXX she will have all the info you need.

I start on the 20th too. I thought the same thing about the science classes but the lady that advised me said they were changing it because a lot of ppl weren't applying to the program due to that requirement. I can wait until the fall to apply if what she says isn't true. I'm still going to to our lady of holy cross on the west bank this semester too, just incase I do well on the TEAS I will apply for their RN program in the spring. I may call tomorrow to speak with the lady you mentioned. XXXX is the one who told me it would be ok if I applied during the Spring. This is my first semester ever going to Nunez. Are you applying in the Spring or Fall?

I heard that Holy Cross has a good program. I will actually be starting the program itself on the 20th. I've been at Nunez since January '11.

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