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Well I'm still down on my luck to having my first job as a nurse, things are still pretty tight here in my country and things are about to go from bad to worse since another huge batch of nurses took the local board last november.

My dad suggested I take some extended studies and he said I should take up something in the nuclear field? A nuclear nurse? Is there such a field in nursing now?

My dad's an engineer for the country's major energy producer and he said they might re-open a nuclear power plant and he's confident he'd be able to stick me in there if I take some related extended study. He said the job is guaranteed to be exciting and pays really good! =D (and I like the hardcore stuff! I'm a Nat Geo kind of guy :) )

Hmm anyone knows an existing extended study that plugs-in into the nursing for this field?


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I'm not sure if this is what you are referring to but I hope this helps! (It mentions having a nursing degree in the Licensure and Certification section under "Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement.")


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I'm not so sure what I'm getting at here as well hahaha! it's just that my dad keeps on insisting I study something in relation to radioactivity if possible. That link's definitely going into a book mark. I'll have to scour some more info once I get an actual job as a nurse (still unemployed unfortunately)


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Ok so the main nuclear related health care proffesion is nuclear medicine technologists. Where small ammounts of radioactive material are used for diagnostic or therapy. This job market is tight right now also. Some nuclear medicine departments use RNs for cardiac stress testing and patient care.

If you are looking for a job at a nuclear power two options come to mind. Occupational health nursing could be a possibility, also radiation saftey is another option but you would need classes in radiation saftey, radiation physics ect for this but it might be possible to enter this field as a RN...


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Agree - only thought of occupational health nursing for a facility.

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