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NSNA Joy of Nursing Video Competition


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hi all my school entered the nsna video confrence for the 60th annual convention. the video is suppoe to take about the joys of nursing. i personally think my schools video (mvcc) is the best not just because i got ther but because its a very touching video and very original. below i've posted the link to the individual videos and the link to vote so you all can decide for you self. my school is the only cc the entered and we up against much larger schools so if you think we have the best video please vote for #3 mvcc if you dont think so cast you vote accordingly. hope you like our video and thank you!! feel free to lelave comments about the videos.

hunter-bellevue school of nursing, new york, ny



california state university bakersfield, ca



georgia health sciences university college of nursing, athens, ga

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifcma1tysaq&list=lljgsv9ura7pf76cyroksqxw& index=1&feature=plpp_video


mohawk valley community college, utica, ny



university of colorado college of nursing, anschutz medical campus, denver, colorado


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vote no later than midnight, wednesday, april 4, 2012, pdst

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