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NSC BSN Regular vs P/T track 2014

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Nevada State College 2014 - Regular BSN full time track versus Part time track ...

Pros and cons of each track? Please pass along your words of wisdom for students applying to NSC 2014 - 2015 BSN programs. (eg. P/T isnt eligible for fin-aid in summer, F/T has more up front fees). Or what did you wish you knew before committing to your track? Eg. "p/t has less Scholarships available" or "buy eBooks and a tablet." (etc)

Help by sharing your estimated PER SEMESTER costs? (eg. F/T 1st semester; $3200 tuition/fee + $750 books + $200 scrubs/shoes + $300 medical clearances + $50 background, etc... P/T 1st semester; $2500 tuition + $500 books + $200 scrubs/shoes + $300 medical clearance, etc). Suggestions balancing study pace with financial aid/work?

Personally I am eligible for max financial aid with regular track, but Im concerned about the quality of its 17 credit 1st semester. Experienced students recommend p/t quality wise because it gives more time to absorb the massive information & yields a better education & grades. Id also do work-study a few hrs a week to supplement hidden 1st semester costs, but will the f/t track allow time for both? On the other hand p/t track would cut my aid in half & then id have to work f/t job to supplement personal living expenses, which yields less time to absorb the desired p/t quality education. Sigh, I appreciate yall helping me decide between this rock & a hard place.

~ Praying for a revelation because I chose my path soon ~

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