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Can anybody tell me if NRP and PALS are the same thing. I have been looking for around info and still have no answer.

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No, they're not quite the same thing. NRP is the Neonatal Resuscitation Program; PALS is the Pediatric Advanced Life Support system. The biggest difference is that the NRP program is specifically designed towards resuscitating infants who are coding (infants being less than one year f age, particularly newborns). Depending on where you work, they may require one, the other, or both. For instance, a Pediatric nurse may need both, because they are working with small infants as well as older kids, todlers,etc. A Mother/Baby nurse may need NRP (for the babies) but not PALS (because she is not caring for young children). A nurse on NICU will most definitely need NRP, but not PALS because she is ONLY working with newborns, many of which need some sort of advanced intervention at birth. An ER nurse may need both, as well as ACLS (the adult version of PALS) because she may be working with ANY age patient who comes to the ER. I hope this answered your question. ;>)

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Thanks that helped.

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