NRP for postpartum/couplet care nurses?

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I am an experienced PP/MB nurse now working primarily L&D (although PP is where my heart is ♥️). I was wondering what your hospitals policy is on RN's needing NRP training. We are a smaller hospital with an L&D and postpartum unit, and level 1 well-baby nursery. My previous hospital was an LDRP unit with a level 2 special care nursery (both of these hospitals are located in NYS). 

Previous hospital required every RN on the unit to acquire NRP, current hospital has some PP nurses 9-12 months either expired NRP and/or newer nurses never having NRP training. Now at my previous hospital, we (even as an RN) were not allowed alone in the nursery without having NRP training, and our techs/aides were never to be left alone in nursery with a baby due to not having NRP. New hospital states it's okay that techs/aides are alone in nursery with a baby, and it's okay that an RN is alone in the nursery with a baby, as long as there is someone on the unit who has their current NRP. 

This has been brought to my attention due to some newer nurses not having their NRP even though they've been on the unit for about a year and have not been scheduled for a class, but GNs have come in and were immediately placed in classes. 


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Yikes, that's concerning. Hope all of the nurseries have code bells nearby.