NRCME examiner training courses



I am interested in becoming certified for DOT physical exams. I need to sign up to take a NRCME training program. There seems to be many training courses available online and I am not sure which one to take. My employer does not recommend any particular program and they will reimburse me for whichever one I decide to take.

For those of you who are already certified for DOT physicals, which program (NADME, Oakstone, NRCME Training Institute, etc.) do you recommend?

Thank you!


Specializes in Occupational Health. Has 19 years experience.

I did the NRCME course...just because it was the lowest cost. Study the material, do the review questions provided, and obtain a few free DOT certification exam questions for review off the web. You'll do fine. 

FWIW...I'm planning on using them again for my upcoming 10 yr re-cert.