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Background: I'm a 16 year seasoned ED nurse, obtained my BSN in 2013, and have been a traveler for a good portion of my career.  I've signed on to the VA and they've hired me for a different position (case manager) that I requested at a recent job fair.  I've had trouble completing the last portion of my NPSB package that pertains to professional development, practice/scientific inquiry, and collaboration.  I've been stumped on this for the past week and finished it up last night, thinking I could submit today, but then I googled around for what answers NPSB may be expecting and now I feel like I need another week to finish this package.  

Ultimately, my question is can I just omit these last questions and still get a nurse II?  Is this possible? Has anyone had this happen?


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It is better to put everything you have than to omit anything, you Def won't get points for missing information. Better ti have something there. They may find the information in the other sections you submit, there's usually, overlap with examples, but they may not. If the info gets you a few thousand more I think it's worth submitting.


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You're right, it's just so technical and detail oriented how one has to answer these questions.  I was unaware of any nurse dimensions, and to be frank, all I do is patient care, and that's all I know.   I was never involved in committee's, nor did I structure any policies on a unit level.  I'm certain I'm not the only one who feels this way with this onboarding process, but I guess this is how the VA works.  It's just very... stress inducing to think that this portfolio, or more specifically these last few questions dictate my pay.

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