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NPs in Minnesota/Minneapolis

midwstrn midwstrn (New) New Nurse Student

I've recently moved to MN and I'm attending Chamberlain. I'm pretty far along, but I am worried that MN would only hire DNPs since all of their schools offer DNP only. Are there any NPs from Minnesota that attended an online NP programs and found jobs? Are online schools frowned upon when looking for preceptors? It is hard to find a preceptor as it is, especially not knowing the city.

mursej, ADN, BSN, DNP, LPN, CNS

Specializes in Nursing Admin & Advanced Practice. Has 9 years experience.

I'm not sure the DNP is the limiting factor for open positions or clinical placement as a masters degree & licensure is all that is required to practice per the MN board of nursing.

This is stated in one of the major employers in Minneapolis job postings for NP positions:

"Allina Health does not hire new grads from all academic institutions. Many proprietary on-line schools do not meet Allina Health’s standards due to the minimal oversight of the student’s clinical experience, the high faculty/student ratio, and the lack of focus on national certification standards in the curriculum."

My understanding this guides academic placement within their clinical slots as well. I believe this is how the major health systems operate as well, so clinical placement and employment might be a challenge.

Best wishes with your educational endeavor.


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