NPHC Staffing agency is it legit


Anyone work of have heard of NPHC staffing agency and if so is it a legit agency? What was your experience like working for them?

Thank you and God Bless all you Current and future LPN's


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I would like to know the same thing


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Never heard of it, but I'm not in the US.

Have you googled it?

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Google tells me that they're based out of Florida, so why not check with the state government to see if they are licensed to do business there? You can also check with the BBB to get their rating. Also, many agencies choose to get accredited by Joint Commission, so check with them too.

Last, I don't know if the FL BON regulates or gets involved with staffing agencies, but you could also ask them as well.


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Okay here is the information that I have so far this company provides in home care mgmt for humana members the LPN pay rate is any where between $24.36-$26.86 per home visit


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Thank you for all of your help! :)


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I currently work in a doctor's office. However, the LPN's hours have been cut so I am looking for a way to supplement my income. I am not sure if working with for a Humana company would be a conflict of interest. Since, I do pre-cert and prior authorizations for procedures. One of the Main companies we deal with is Humana. Thank you for your help!!

This Company is legit they are very helpful and they are very flexible highly recommended them to anyone 5 stars :)


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That's great to hear. I was planning on seriously inquiring. I just wish it was possible to get paid TWICE A MONTH! Are there similar companies that have more frequent pay cycles?


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There are multiple different agencies that have different pay frequencies, has anyone had any experience with any of these agencies? I was with EHS for two years as a CM