NP thinking about CRNA


Actually not yet an NP, but I'm a senior in my program. It is a primary care program, and while I fully intend to graduate, I'm thinking I will be miserable seeing the same old patients with the same old complaints, same old drug-seekers who are noncompliant with everything but pain meds, getting attached to some sweet old person then have to watch them deteriorate with each office visit. I know I hate clinicals so bad I almost can't stand it. Is being a CRNA drudgery, too? Or, do you get a lot more variety and stimulation than in the primary care setting? I do like some patients and enjoy spending time with them, but I tend to have a low tolerance for boredome. For example, I was given a managerial position at work but I was climbing the walls. I want to be out doing something, taking care of things with my stethoscope around my neck. I'm even thinking of going back to floor nursing instead of being a NP, if it wasn't for the loans I've already taken out.:uhoh3:


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Have you considered acute care NP? or working as an NP in radiology, ER, GI, or HD? Don't limit yourself to an office setting if you don't want to see the same people over and over again.