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Hi! I want to further my nursing degree and obtain my DNP and my NP but my husband is in the military and we could most likely be stationed in a state, such as Florida or South Carolina, where NP's are under restricted practice. Could anyone tell me more about this and whether it is worth it to further my degree?

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I'm not sure about the scope of practice for nurse practitioners (NP) and other advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) for the particular states that you mention but one thing you might consider if you return to school to be an NP is obtaining a position in the Veterans Administration (VA). As the VA is a federal entity, providers operating within the VA system not subject to the same practice restrictions as providers who operate at other healthcare facilities within the same state. It's not a free-for-all but you only require one RN or one NP license when you work for the VA and you can work in any state.

I would definitely consider it as an option for you because (a) your husband is already involved in the military which may be helpful in securing a position and (b) there has been some recent news that the VA seeks to allow NPs to operate to the fullest extent of their experience and training which eliminates major practice restrictions. I know that I have only presented a tiny portion of information about this issue but perhaps another user can elaborate on this further or has more advice for you. Either way, I would definitely recommend continuing on in your studies to become an NP, just find a really strong program. Best of luck!

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