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Hi everyone!

I will starting FNP school in a few months. It is a distant learning program (Frontier Nursing University). The program requires that I find my own preceptor! Has anyone had any success or have any advice? Also, I live in Houston, Texas. Just in case there is someone from Houston that has the name of a few preceptors! Any help would be great!


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this is why I recommend state schools, even online state programs, instead of others. You pay them tuition and they expect you to find your own "teacher". We do not allow NP students who are not employed with us already, because of the liability. The preceptor is having to teach and work at the same time and the student is a distraction. Our preceptors do not get paid for this extra work either. So there is no incentive, unless we feel you are coming to work for us. I suggest calling educators in the facilities around Houston. Good luck with your program!

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Brittany, if that's your real name, please remove it. There may come a day, when you're really frustrated and you may decide to vent. Things could get really ugly for you, if you can be identified. PM me...I'm an ACNP in Houston, but I can help you find some preceptors. Good Luck.

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A quick google search found Houston Area Nurse Practitioners - Home, and of course your university has a list of preceptors who have worked with the university in the past, including if they already have been approved and have a contract. I would think those two places would be the first places to start (Other than the post above).

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