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Hi, I have a degree in architecture, b.arch 2003. I worked in arch until 2009. I'm switching careers and want to be a psych np. I spent 5 years in school, studied in Holland and am hoping there are some programs that won't require an adn or v

Bsn. Any advice or help?

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There are quite a bit of these programs around. Just search for entry level master's program and you will come up with a lot results. Typically these programs are 3-4 years long.

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This website will give you all the schools that are accredited for getting your masters in nursing. There is a pdf list there with all the schools per state. If you click on the tabs students, then click student education on the left hand side. The bottom of the pagehas a link to the pdf for accelerated MSN programs! Best of luck!!


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At one time Texas A&M University had such a program...don't know if it still exists though. You could check with them online & see what's available....


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Don't know where you're willing to move to, but California State University Los Angeles has an Entry Level Masters in Nursing that consists of a 15 month accelerated RN, followed by 2-3 years of the NP track. Our school offers the psych NP.


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I wrote a long reply & boom! Huge thunderstorm knocked out my internet connection. Here goes (again).

I've found a couple that look interesting & could apply to my situation.

1. Vanderbilt's online direct entry msn np - expensive!

2. Xavier's online direct entry msn

I have a question about Xavier. Does anyone know the true cost of Xavier's online MSN? I'm beginning to think it's a good idea to contact both schools & ask about any financial assistance. I am especially curious about loan forgiveness by working in rural areas.

I am unable to relocate. I moved back home to Mississippi from Seattle. I have basically zero living expenses here & really would like to do an online program so I can keep those costs low.

I've heard talk about USA's direct entry MSN, but I checked their website. From what I understand, they do have a direct entry MSN for non RN's, but it is not online. Has this changed?

Like I said, if you know of anymore direct entry MSN programs?

I went to the local nursing home to get an application for the CNA program. Turns out they only train when there is turnover. Right now, they have a need for 5-7 CNAs in the nursing home. I know the RN I spoke to from childhood. Gotta love a small town! ;)

She said it's not a great thing to do. I would have to get on the payroll, as that's part of the training program. By training there, I'm agreeing to work as a CNA in the nursing home. I told her my story, that I'm trying to gain experience for nursing school & I was a caregiver for 2 years. This is when it gets good...

She took me in an office & told me they are about to take on a patient with Huntington's Disease. Basically, she said the nursing home has to hire full time caregivers to stay with her at all times. The people they hire would be new to the nursing home. None of the nurses on staff are able to take that on & still perform their duties.

She offered me the job! I know it will be extremely challenging, but I feel this is a huge blessing for me. I really loved caregiving. I learned a LOT over the last 2 years. It's still in the air a bit, but as long as the nursing home has caregivers lined up, they want to admit this woman. I'm thinking this experience would be great for me. Huntington's Disease is a very rare disease and getting experience working with a patient with a genetic, neurological and psychiatric disorder would be excellent for someone like me who's interested in psych.

Thanks everyone! I think this post was actually longer than the one I lost in the thunderstorm. ;)