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I will be graduating from an accelerated BScN this year and I am definitely interested in pursuing NP after a few years of practice. I have some questions relating to what people think about the role of NPs in the future, especially in acute care.

I'm interested in adults, particularly from an internal medicine perspective (specifically Cardiology and Nephrology) and emergency care. The issue at least in my province is that 90% of the jobs for NPs are in family/all ages collaborative practice which I don't think I'd hate but really isn't my first choice. Most NP positions either want you to have previous NP experience or a few years RN experience in the relevant area.

Do people think the amount of jobs for NPs in acute care will increase in the coming decade? I've spoken to a few NPs who think that they will. I guess what I'm saying is that I don't want to go through and take adult NP steam and not get a job when I can take family/all ages and pretty much have one right away. Are there any adult NPs out there who can comment on the current and future job prospects and how hard it was for them to get a position?

I am starting my BScN in the fall and also hope to purse my NP in the future.

Looking forward to seeing the responses!

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