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NP in Florida

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A few years ago I attempted to move to Jacksonville, FL where I was told I needed my BSN and there was no grace period. I graduate next month and for the past year have considered AGACNP since I always want to work in a hospital. Because I live in NC I am unfamiliar with the need for NPs in the hospital setting in Florida but specifically Jacksonville. I have been unsuccessful at getting into contact with some of the local hospital HR departments and was hoping some of you might have some advice or insight. The AGACNP school I want to attend is 150k after adding expenses from not working during the program. I'm concerned that the only jobs that will be available are clinics/ urgent care or day time and as a nights and weekends ICU RN that may not be worth the cost of school compared to what I make now since it'll take about 13 years to break even.


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Doesn’t seem worth it if it takes 13 ye to break even unless you are really young

I'm 29. The program is 85k plus 60-70 for living expenses plus factoring in two years lost wages.


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Just realize that only FNP's can work in ED or Urgent Cares unless it is an "adult only" urgent care. The reason is that you need to be able to treat patient's of all ages. Acute Care NP will work in the hospital usually as a hospitalist or intensivist. Search "intesivist NP in Florida" and you will find more information. Good luck.