2015 NP-DNP Portability

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I am wondering if anyone knows what will happen after 2015 for NPs who want to relocate out of the state where they have been practicing/licensed. I am currently enrolled in an NP program and will be finished by 2012 but am planning on spending most of my career in a different state. I am pretty sure that I am not interested in continuing on and getting the DNP (I am no spring chicken!). Any ideas?



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If the state to which you want to endorse has as the terminal degree the DNP, you will be required to have this if you wish to work in that state.

It will be much like when the MSN became minimum requirement. Those w/o MSN and/or certificate only, could only work in their own state (grandfather clause), but if wish to endorse as NP to another state where the MSN was minimum requirement, they would not be able to do so.


Can you show me where that is stated officially?

Also, aren't all states going to require a DNP at that point?


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I'm just going by what the BON state now. MSN is minimum requirement. Ones who are practicing as NP but w/o MSN can practice in their own state. But, if they wish to practice in another state, will have to meet that state's minimum requirement which is MSN.

If the DNP becomes the terminal degree (vision only right now for 2015), then yes, all will be required to have DNP in order to practice as NP. But, those who are already practicing as NP will be "grandfathered in". In other words, no sitting NP will be disenfranchised in their respective states because they do not have a DNP. But, if they wish to endorse to another state where DNP is the terminal degree, they will be required to fulfill the requirements of educational endorsement.

Like I said, this happened when MSN became minimum requirement across the board for all BON.

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