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Any NPs out there that got a contract saying you cannot get a second job without submitting a request and getting written approval?  I can understand a non-compete and not being able to accept any job that directly competes with the place I am going to be accepting employment.  But it seems overkill to have to get any and all second jobs approved.  I am planning on getting a second job 40+ miles away or via telehealth that is also completely different from the job I am accepting, so it absolutely wouldn't interfere in any way.  This is the first contract I am getting and I know I obviously can negotiate.  So I am wondering if anyone has seen this and if it can be negotiated out.

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I no longer have a contract as I have independent practice now. However, yes, in my initial contract 17 years ago I had to inform my boss if I took an additional job - didn't matter if it was nursing related - just any additional job. 

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