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I'm in the process of applying to numerous job openings for an ARNP position. There are two positions I'am very interested in.

Option one is in a predominately infectious disease based clinic. The hours are from 9-5 I will have no more than about 15 patients a day. Population is 18 and older with a great salary without benefits. I believe the previous NP that was hired to work there will be leaving soon so I' am unsure of the specific support that will be available in the clinic. The staff seems very nice and supportive but again, I'm a newbie. Option 2 is a long term care clinic for the geriatrics in nearby nursing homes. I will have numerous meetings and quality management duties to fulfill and was quoted to have about 8 -10 patients a day. This job wants for me to just jump right on in without any training because they kept asking me if i'm ready to work without any other training other then from my clinical rotations. The clinic has strict hours (8-4;30) and will close promptly at 4;30 which is a good schedule for me and my children. This position will have benefits but salary was not discussed yet. Interview process was pretty new to me; I had to meet with everyone and anyone who worked in that clinic to answer questions about myself and my work ethic. Everyone seemed to like me with the exception of one RN which expressed her concerns in regards to my compentency as a ARNP when the doctor is away. As a new ARNP do you guys recommend anything I can do in the meantime while seraching for jobs that will make me more marketable? I've been a nurse for about 10 years but mostly worked in administration for about 8 years. I know the concepts but I havent practice much until my clinical rotations. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


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I am looking at emergency departments and urgent care centers. As a member of the ENA (emergency nurses association) I have access to white papers and other resources. I did a search in their archives for Emergency NP Competencies and found an excellent document to list what would be expected.

For what it's worth, for each specialty, see if there is a group like ENA for ER nursing and seek similar lists of competencies.

Good luck!