NP Applicants in Ontario -2024

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Hai friends , I'm just wondering if anyone is applying for NP programs for this year in Ontario, Canada? 



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Hai, thank you for your response.

May I know which universities did you apply to? 

I applied to the ones in Toronto...UFT, TMU and York? What about you?



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I applied to UFT, TMU and McMaster! 

What is your GPA if you don't mind?




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Well, I am an internationally educated nurse, and as per their GPA tool, mine falls somewhere between 3.5-4 ( if I'm not wrong) And I am not 100% sure how they calculate it.


How about you? 

I am also internationally did you Wes evaluation?...Mine is only 3.3 according to what I calculate?

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I am in the process of doing Wes. My agency is prolonging the transcript issuing. As per Wes, my GPA is 3.7. Don't know how TMU and McMaster calculates it. They have their own GPA calculator tools.

what's your experience is? They really look into the hands on practice as well, as far as I know abt the pgm. Good GPA is not enough to get in the pgm 

I have about 12 years of nursing experience...didn't order transcripts from university yet.... waiting for the admission results...Where did you finish undergrad?

Let me know if you get any offers...

This waiting is quite stressful ?



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Oh Woww!! You are quite experienced and I think they will definitely consider that!! I only hand couple of years of Canadian experience. I am just trying my luck this time and would like to improve my chances next time if I didn't get in this time! 

I saw it in the forum that, some of the applicants waited until June in order to hear from UFT. I read the old threads. If I get any updates I will let you know! 

Hopefully we both get in..thank you for reply


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