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House Action on Patients' Rights THIS WEEK! -

The McCain-Kennedy-Edwards patients' bill of rights, including nation-wide patient advocacy/WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTIONS for nurses and healthcare workers, passed the U.S. Senate by a vote of 59-36 on Friday, June 29.

The House of Representatives is considering patients' rights legislation THIS WEEK.

NOW is the time to contact your U. S. Representative to urge support for the bipartisan Ganske-Dingell companion bill, H.R. 2563, and opposition to the weakening Norwood amendment.

The deal proposed by President Bush and Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA) would jeopardize effective enforcement of these new protections. Call today to urge your Representative to OPPOSE THE NORWOOD AMENDMENT.

Please call with this message:

As a (registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, member of the healthcare profession, etc)I urge you to support enactment of strong, comprehensive, and enforceable patient protection protections embodied by the bipartisan Ganske-Dingell legislation, H.R 2563. Please support this bill and vote against the weakening Norwood amendment.

Your Congressman may be reached through Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121. >>

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Julie, people can also email their representatives by typing in "US house of Representatives" on the search page, and it will take you directly to the site where you can look up who your representative is and e-mail them directly.

President Bush is cutting both health care and environmental funding, and the changes he's pushing for with this amendment will benefit big business and make it impossible for patients to sue their HMOs that deny services (I know that's jsut part of the amendment changes, but you can look this up and read the changes yourself; this is the part that galls me!).

Please get involved in this-- it only takes 5 minutes to either call or email your Representatives.


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