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I had myself a surgery (pretty big) and I can`t work. I thought I will be out of school for 4 weeks, but now I realized that it is not enough (at least 5-6 weeks).

As the only School Nurse for 740 students I feel pretty bad because of that!

I`m a full time nurse, and now there is a replace for me half day. It is a friend of my (RN) and I know she is doing a good job, but still this feeling..........

In this time at home I got many phone calls from teachers and school stuff. Although I´m receving cards (self made) and letters from many kids.

So, just the feeling to be missed so much, show`s me, how much they care and...........................that my work over there is important.

Of course when you there, you don`t hear so much possitive things, I mean I do, but now it is incredible!.

I`m doing this job since almost 2 years and it is just my "dream-job".

I do miss the kids and the school a lot and I hope, that I can continue my work soon.

Greetings from Germany

suzanne4, RN

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you will just have to make the kids a big thank you card to have the staff

post on your door!

take care and hope that you are back to school very soon...........

i am quite sure that you miss them as much as they miss you.



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Thanks Susanne 4 for that advice an for your good wishes

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